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Let us show you in 5 minutes the absolute best way to cook a steak with our easy video.

Top tips for cooking the perfect steak

- Bring your steak to room temperature to ensure even cooking.

- Cut small slits across the line of fat on the side of the steak if it is very thick. This stops it buckling as it cooks.

- Heat a griddle pan or heavy based frying pan over a high heat for at least five minutes.

- Hold the steak on the hot pan, standing it up on the fatty edge. Hold it there for 10-20 seconds until the fat begins to run onto the pan.

- Once cooked to your liking, leave the steak to rest on a warm plate for 5 minutes, so the juices will settle evenly within the meat, while also allowing the meat to relax and become more tender.

Steak cooking times

- Rare: 2 minutes on each side

- Medium: 3 minutes on each side

- Well-done: 4 minutes on each side

The thickness of the steak will alter the cooking time.