Skill level


Equipment you will need for this technique

Large sharp knife

Chopping board

Learn how to chop an onion with this easy video guide. This is the best way to chop an onion quickly and evenly - make sure you use the sharpest knife you have.

Thinly shave off the pointed tip and root end of the onion. Keep the root itself intact as it keeps the onion together once halved.

Peel off the papery skin, if it doesn’t come off easily then draw the knife lightly down the onion from top to bottom to help loosen the skin, then peel away by hand.

Remove any brown or yellow layers of flesh and slice the onion in half from the root to the tip.

Put one half of the onion with the cut side down on the board and the root-end pointing away from you, and cut lengthways, from root to tip.

Turn the onion horizontally, and cut long lines cross ways to make small diced pieces of onion. Discard the root and repeat with the other half.