by Charlotte O'Leary

Just because you’re avoiding dairy, doesn’t mean you don’t get the pleasure of irresistible chocolate fudge icing on your cakes.

Cakes and baking

Buyer's guide

A number of different types of soya milk are available, both sweetened and unsweetened, and they vary in significantly in flavour, so it’s worth trying a few brands until you find one that suits you. Alternatively, it can be made at home. It’s available year-round.


Packaged soya milk can be kept in a cool place until its use-by date. But, once opened, it should be refrigerated and used within three days. Fresh soya milk should be kept in the fridge. Most brands of soya milk can be frozen, but check that the packaging hasn’t ruptured before you defrost it.

Other considerations

Soya milk contains roughly the same level of protein as cows' milk, but less fat (roughly a third if compared to whole cows’ milk), all of which is unsaturated. As it contains no lactose, it's a useful dairy replacement for the lactose intolerant.