by Angela Boggiano

This refreshing super-smooth sorbet makes great use of all the wonderful summer fruits that are now in abundance.



The best sorbets have a soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture that comes from tiny ice crystals. The tiny crystals are achieved by the getting just the right balance of sugar syrup to fruit juice or fruit purée and then constantly churning the mixture as it freezes. Fruit pulp, such as raspberry or blackcurrant purée, enhances this softness, as does alcohol, which inhibits freezing. Allow about two tablespoons of alcohol to 565ml/1 pint of liquid sorbet for a soft-set style.

You don't need an ice cream maker to make sorbet, but the texture of the finished sorbet will not be as smooth without one. If you don't have one, mix the sorbet regularly with a fork as it freezes, or process it in a food processor once frozen. Many recipes suggest beating in one tablespoon of egg white to 565ml/1 pint of partially frozen sorbet to improve the texture of an unchurned sorbet, but this adds an unnecessary health risk (egg white may contain salmonella).

Also made with fruit juice

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