by Mary Berry

Mary Berry's scones are the perfect easy tea-time treat, whether jam-and-cream-topped (in whichever order you like), plain or packed with sultanas.

Equipment: You will need a fluted 5cm/2in cutter.

Cakes and baking

Buyer's guide

Self-raising flour is widely available in UK supermarkets. Outside of the UK and USA, it is not commonly used.


Self-raising flour will not keep for very long. The baking powder absorbs moisture from the air, which reacts with other ingredients in the flour, affecting its ability to rise.


Self-raising flour is used in baking and cake-making, and is often an ingredient in packaged cake mixes. If you do not have self-raising flour, combine plain flour with baking powder and salt, or add raising agents separately in your recipe. Self-raising flour is often used as a short-cut in baking, or by vegans who do not eat eggs (the extra raising agent in the flour does the eggs’ work).