by Lorraine Pascale

I make these easy sausage rolls often – they are always welcome at a picnic or party. Feel free to enhance them as you like.

Starters & nibbles


If you want to freeze your sausage rolls, you can do this after baking. Cool the sausage rolls completely and seal in an airtight container before freezing. Make sure they are piping hot all the way through before serving.


Feel free to customise your sausage rolls with some chutney, sauces, herbs or dried fruit. Just try to avoid adding too much liquid which could make your sausage rolls soggy. Always use a good quality sausage, squeezed free of its casing, to fill your sausage rolls. Or use sausagemeat combined with other charcuterie like bacon, black pudding or chorizo.

Brush sausage rolls with egg to ensure a glossy sheen, and try sprinkling them with sesame or poppy seeds for a pretty effect.