Totally tropical Eton mess

Totally tropical Eton mess

The classic summer dessert gets a tropical makeover with mango and passion fruit. Using ready-made meringues means this sweet and zingy version is ready in minutes.



  1. Gently whip the cream in a large bowl until soft peaks form.

  2. Fold the yoghurt through the cream, being careful not to over-mix.

  3. Break the meringues into the bowl and gently stir to combine. (It should be quite a stiff mixture).

  4. Spoon a layer of the meringue mixture into the bases of four serving glasses. Sprinkle over a handful of mango pieces and drizzle with the passion fruit seeds. Repeat until all the meringue mixture and fruit is used up.

  5. Decorate with mint sprigs, if using, and eat immediately.

Recipe Tips

For other fruity twists, try these combinations:

Lemon blueberry:

Follow the recipe, but instead of mango and passion fruit, drizzle a teaspoon of lemon curd and sprinkle blueberries on each layer.


Strawberries and Pimm's

Replace the mango and passion fruit with 300g/10½oz strawberries. Crush them with a fork, add a splash of Pimm's and stir through some finely chopped mint.