Saffron risotto with charred leeks


The beautiful colour of the saffron will brighten up any meal time.



  1. Pour the stock into a pan and heat on the hob to boiling point. This ensures the rice cooks quickly.

  2. In a separate casserole pan melt the butter.

  3. Add the chopped onion and cook very slowly.

  4. When the onion is cooked, stir in the rice and allow it to be covered in the butter.

  5. Stirring continuously, add the white wine and reduce completely.

  6. Gradually, with a ladle, add the hot chicken stock and the saffron, stirring continuously.

  7. The rice should take between 15-17 minutes to cook. (The rice is done when it is tender but firm to the bite in the centre. If it is not tender add more stock, it should never be cooked solid).

  8. When the rice is cooked, remove from the heat and let it rest for approximately 1 minute.

  9. Now add the butter and parmesan and stir into the risotto.

  10. Season the risotto if necessary and place into a bowl.

  11. Slice the leeks lengthways in strips of about 2.5cm/1in wide. Brush with oil and chargrill on a griddle pan for 2-3 minutes.