Moroccan flatbread wraps with harissa

Moroccan flatbread wraps with harissa

Smoky hot grilled lamb and vegetables in flatbread gets an extra kick from spicy harissa. Don't be alarmed by the long list of ingredients - this dish is very flexible to suit your tastes. Good ready-made harrissa is available in delis and supermarkets.


For the flatbread

For the filling

For the harissa


  1. To make the flatbread, mix the dry ingredients together and add water until a firm dough has formed.

  2. Divide the dough into six and roll out the flatbreads thinly.

  3. Cook in a very hot, dry, non-stick pan for one minute on each side or until brown spots appear on both sides.

  4. Now make the filling. Place the garlic, cumin, thyme, and a tablespoon of the olive oil in a bowl and coat the lamb steak well. Leave this to marinate for one hour.

  5. Meanwhile, brush the courgettes and aubergines with olive oil. Griddle on a hot griddle pan until the vegetables are softened and golden-brown. Set aside.

  6. Next, place the lamb steak on the hot griddle and cook for a few minutes either side. Remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly, then slice thinly.

  7. Mix the grilled vegetables, roasted pepper and sun-dried tomatoes in another bowl with the olives and pour the remaining olive oil and the lemon juice over them.

  8. Now make the harissa. With a hand blender, whiz up the chillies, garlic and coriander with the lemon juice and enough olive oil to make a mayonnaise consistency. Season to taste.

  9. Lay two flatbreads on a plate and add a couple of spoons of the roasted vegetables to each. Add the sliced lamb, then some rocket, and then a spoon of harissa dressing. Repeat with the remaining flatbreads.

  10. Roll up the flatbreads and cut in half. Serve the halves around a pile of rocket drizzled with the harissa dressing.