Grilled aubergine with salsa verde



For the salsa verde


  1. In a food processor, blend the breadcrumbs, mozzarella, lemon, garlic and parsley until a crumb consistency appears.

  2. Make small balls of this and roll them up in the aubergine slices. Place in a baking dish.

  3. Roast the cherry tomatoes in some olive oil for about 20 minutes, until soft. When they are cooked, crush them lightly with a fork.

  4. Spoon some of the crushed tomatoes over the aubergine rolls and bake in the oven with plenty of olive oil for ten to fifteen minutes at 200C/400F/Gas 6.

  5. Place all the salsa verde ingredients in a food processor and blend to a coarse consistency. Divide the rest of the crushed tomatoes between four serving plates, lay two or three aubergines rolls on top and spoon over some salsa verde to serve.