Ginger, mango and lime trifle



To serve


  1. Place half of the chopped mango, the honey and two tablespoons of the rum into a food processor and blend to a smooth purée. Fold the mango mixture into the whipped cream, along with the maple syrup.

  2. Place half of the ginger cake into the bottom of two large glasses or serving dishes. Drizzle over the remaining rum, then layer half of the mango mousse on top, followed by the remaining ginger cake. Finish with the rest of the mango mousse, then top with the remaining chopped mango, lime zest and orange segments.

  3. To serve, garnish with the lime slice repeat the layers, finishing with the mousse. Top with the chopped mango pieces, lime zest and orange segments and garnish with the lime slices and dust with the icing sugar.