Easy gravy

Easy gravy

No need to rely on granules when you can make this quick gravy to complement any roast.



  1. Heat the oil in a non-stick saucepan over a medium heat and fry the onion for 10 minutes, or until softened and golden brown, stirring regularly.

  2. Sprinkle over the flour and cook for 30 seconds, stirring constantly.

  3. Slowly pour in 400ml/14fl oz just-boiled water, stirring as you pour. Crumble over the stock cube, add the ketchup and soy sauce or gravy browning, and bring to a simmer. Cook for 3–5 minutes, stirring regularly, until thickened.

  4. Season to taste with salt and plenty of pepper. Strain through a sieve into a warmed gravy boat or jug and serve hot.

Recipe Tips

Use a stock cube to match your meat or a vegetable stock cube.

Add a splash of booze to the gravy at the same time as the stock – red or white wine, martini, sherry or port all work well.

Leave the sliced onion in the gravy instead of straining if you prefer – great with sausages, chops or toad in the hole.

If you have cooked a joint of meat or a chicken, take it out of the roasting tin and leave to rest. Spoon off the excess fat from the roasting tin, then pour the gravy into the tin and stir over a low heat to mix in all the flavoursome residue. Add an extra splash of water if needed. Strain before serving.