Curried egg mayo sandwich

Curried egg mayo sandwich

Use up the end of a jar of curry paste to make these spiced egg mayo sandwiches – we’ve used korma paste, but you can experiment with what you’ve got in the fridge.



  1. Boil the eggs in a pan of boiling water for 8 minutes, then cool under cold running water before peeling. Mash the boiled eggs in a bowl, then stir in the mayonnaise and korma paste, to taste.

  2. Divide the curried egg mayo between two slices of bread, add some cress or salad, if using, and top with the remaining two slices of bread.

Recipe Tips

Some curry pastes advise that you do not consume them uncooked. Check the label to make sure that your paste is suitable for this recipe. You can always use half a teaspoon of curry powder.