Coriander seared tuna on pickled bean sprouts



For the tuna

For the bean sprouts

For the salad

For the garnish

For the tumeric oil (optional)


  1. Roll the tuna in crushed coriander seeds and the sechuan pepper seeds.

  2. Roll the tuna in cling film to keep its's hape and refrigerate for an hour, this stops the seeds from falling off.

  3. Sear tuna on all sides, keep at room temperature, the tuna should be pink.

  4. Slice the tuna into 4 pieces.

  5. To make the pickled bean sprouts, heat the rice wine vinegar and sugar. Pour over the bean sprouts and allow to cool.

  6. To prepare the tumeric oil, Heat the oil, add the tumeric and allow to cool.

  7. To prepare the balsamic vinegar, reduce by a half by heating for approximately 5 minutes.

  8. To serve, mix pickled bean sprouts with basil, mint, sliced shallots, spring onions and deep fried chilli/garlic. Arrange neatly on to four flat plates.

  9. Place one piece of the tuna on each of the plates. Garnish with coriander, drizzle tumeric oil and reduced balsamic vinegar around the plate.