Chipotle miso chicken


Slow-roasting the chicken for this recipe keeps it moist – and means you can have everything prepared in advance of your barbecue.



  1. Preheat the oven to 140C/120C Fan/Gas 1. Open up the chicken cavity, pull the legs apart as much as possible to enable the heat to cook the bird evenly, put it in a roasting tin and season with salt. Roast the chicken for 3 hours, basting the skin with the juices halfway through. Using a meat thermometer, check that the internal temperature reaches 75C. To further check that the chicken is cooked through, make sure the juices run clear with no trace of pink when the thickest part of the leg, between the drumstick and the thigh, is pierced with a skewer.

  2. Preheat the grill or barbecue to very hot.

  3. Toast the rice in a dry, medium-hot pan until coloured. Tip into a food processor and blend to a coarse powder. Tip into a bowl and set aside.

  4. Blend the miso and chipotle in a food processor until smooth.

  5. Joint the chicken into six or eight pieces. Grill the pieces under the grill or on the hot barbecue for 5–6 minutes to colour the skin.

  6. Stir a dash of water into the soured cream.

  7. To serve, lay the salad leaves on a serving platter and put the chicken on top. Season well with salt and pepper. Cover the chicken with the miso-chipotle paste, drizzle over the soured cream, sprinkle over the sesame seeds, chilli, rice powder and herb stalks and serve.

Recipe Tips

You can cook the chicken on a barbecue preheated to 140C/120C Fan/Gas 1 instead of an oven in step one so long as you have a lidded barbecue that can maintain a constant internal temperature that does indirect cooking.