Bacon-vodka infused cherry tomatoes


An unusual Christmas nibbles recipe. Be sure not to use too salty a bacon here – sweetcure is best. Any leftover bacon vodka can go into Bloody Marys.

Equipment and preparation: You will need cheesecloth, muslin or coffee filters, and cocktail sticks.



  1. To make the bacon vodka, fry the bacon slowly in a pan so that it cooks in its own fat and renders out as much as possible – do this without the bacon taking on too much colour as a dark, close-to-charred bacon will spoil the flavour.

  2. Put the bacon and all the fat from the pan into a container and cover with the vodka. You don’t really need the bacon as most of the flavour will come from the fat, but it won’t hurt. Leave for several hours to infuse – at least six, preferably 12 – then put into the freezer for about half an hour or until the bacon fat has solidified.

  3. Line a sieve with cheesecloth or muslin – alternatively use coffee filters. Strain the vodka through the cheesecloth – it will catch all the still frozen solids. Strain once more, then bottle.

  4. To make the bacon-vodka infused cherry tomatoes, prick the tomatoes lightly all over with a cocktail stick. Put into a jar, cover with the bacon vodka and sprinkle in the sugar. Add Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce, to taste, if liked.

  5. Leave to infuse in the fridge until you are ready to eat them – at least for two hours, but for as long as you like, giving a shake every so often.

  6. Drain and serve on cocktail sticks with optional celery salt or lemon pepper seasoning.

Recipe Tips

If you want to make lemon pepper seasoning instead of buying it, just zest a lemon and lay the zest out to dry on baking parchment until it looks desiccated. Grind with pepper and a little sea salt using a pestle and mortar.