29 mins

Nadiya Bakes

Series 1: 2. Indulgent Desserts

Nadiya turns her attention to indulgent desserts to end any meal in style. We all love a cheesecake, and Nadiya kicks things off with her frozen, no-cheese cheesecake, bursting with banana and blueberries. It is the ultimate centrepiece - and it is vegan too! Next up is Nadiya’s husband’s absolute favourite, a modern take on the retro jam roly poly, served with lashings of steaming custard and best eaten curled up on the sofa - comfort food that is guaranteed to lift your spirits. Nadiya also gives us a taste of the Middle East with her take on delicious Lebanese bite-sized treats - perfect parcels of filo pastry, stuffed with a glorious thickened cream and laced with orange blossom and saffron syrup. Finally, Nadiya shares her tips and tricks for her picture-perfect tutti-frutti pavlova.

And award-winning pastry chef Joakim Prat showcases his spectacular choux pastry eclairs.

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