29 mins

Nadiya Bakes

Series 1: 1. Classics with a Twist

Nadiya Hussain presents her favourite recipes for classic bakes with a twist. Everyday cupcakes are transformed into ice cream-flavoured, fun-filled treasures that are guaranteed to make you smile. A traditional scone is given a modern remix in a blueberry scone pizza that might just change the way you think about cream teas forever, while a spicy Asian kick takes a traditional toad-in-the-hole to a new level to create a comforting savoury classic. Finally, the traditional sponge is taken up a notch with mango and coconut flavours that are quite simply sunshine on a plate.

Across the series, Nadiya also shines a spotlight on the skills of some of the country’s incredible bakers and pastry makers. This week, pastry maestro and Instagram sensation Julie Jones shows her awe-inspiring pie decorations that are edible works of art.

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