57 mins

Best Home Cook

Series 2: 2. Episode 2

This week, Mary challenges the cooks to produce their ultimate meringue desserts for a family celebration lunch. There are stunning pavlovas, inventive fruit curd pies and even a woodland-themed roulade. But meringues are unpredictable at the best of times, and when you throw in time pressures and eagle-eyed judges, it is no wonder we see cooks cracking under the pressure.

The following day, the cooks have another chance to impress the judges and save themselves from Angela’s eliminator. It is Chris’s tricky rustle-up challenge, where the cooks have just one hour to rustle up a dish from scratch. This week, they have to create impressive dishes that turn a humble vegetable into the star of the show. With no notes, no recipe books and a limited selection of other ingredients, the cooks need to stay calm under pressure.

Having witnessed the eliminator round last week and seen the first cook leave the competition, the cooks are even more tense this time around. Angela ups the ante with a fast-paced round and a recipe that requires precision timing and perfect seasoning. At the end of this round, the judges must agree which is their least favourite version of the dish and which cook must leave the competition.