57 mins

Eat Well for Less?

Series 6: 6. Episode 6

This week, Gregg and Chris are going back to basics with the Drews, their youngest family yet. This couple have been through a very tough time, with food being a low priority, and combined with some very fussy eating, this family need a complete nutritional overhaul.

In Gosport, 28-year-old dad James, a plumbing merchant, and 23-year-old Rianna, a mum and full-time carer, have two children, Tallulah-Belle, who is three, and Penelope, who is one. Tallulah-Belle was born 11 weeks early weighing just 1lb and now suffers with chronic lung disease. The couple spent over two years in hospital with her, living on freezer food and takeaways, and now she is home their diets haven’t changed.

James enjoys cooking, but with Rianna anxious about trying new things, he struggles to cook something they both like, so they rarely eat the same meals. They would love to go on holiday, but the cost of insurance for Tallulah-Belle’s medical equipment means they need to start saving.

Gregg and Chris spy on the Drews as they do their weekly shop and are amazed to see them buy two different ketchups, two types of yorkshire puddings, chocolate bars for breakfast and no fresh fruit or veg. In an effort to change their ways, takeaways are banned, sugary treats are rationed and their favourite brands are swapped for cheaper, healthier alternatives.

Meanwhile, dietitian Priya Tew looks at the nutritional value of three popular takeaways, with surprising results regarding the levels of salt and fat. And she comes up with some clever ways to get more vegetables in our diets with a veggie-dipper recipe.

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