29 mins

Sam and Shauna's Big Cook-Out

Episode 1

Sam and Shauna are on a mission to change the way people cook outdoors and to celebrate amazing communities across Wales.

Sam and Shauna kick-off their meaty smoke-and-fire fuelled bonanza at Clwyd Special Riding School in north Wales. For over 30 years, this unique place has helped people of all ages who have additional learning needs or physical disabilities, and it is run almost entirely by an army of volunteers. With over 100 people to feed, Sam and Shauna organise a spectacular cookout of ten huge beef briskets, barbecued Southern-style in a unique giant handmade cinderblock smoker, built with the help of the community. The succulent beef is served with a Lexington red slaw with creme creole and a southern American rice and peas dish called Hopping John, all wrapped up in handmade tacos.