Series 15: 9. Episode 9

It is the quarter-final and the six talented heat winners have no time to rest as they continue to fight for their place in the competition.

In the Critic’s Test, the week’s best amateurs are put through the mill with a seriously daunting test set by one of the country’s toughest food critics. This episode's brief has been set by Jay Rayner.

His challenge for the amateur cooks is to make a fresh pasta dish. It can be sweet or savoury but the contestants must make their own pasta.

After cooking their dish based on this brief, the contestants stand before Jay Rayner and judges John and Gregg to hear what they think of their dish and whether they’ve managed to rise to the challenge and fulfil the expectations.

At the end of this quarter-final the best cooks go through to Knockout Week, taking another step closer to being crowned MasterChef champion 2019.