29 mins

Tom Kerridge's Lose Weight for Good

Series 1: 4. Takeaway Alternatives

Tom Kerridge is helping 13 struggling dieters in his neighbourhood to lose weight - and hoping to inspire us to follow suit. He is using his skills as a top chef to create delicious recipes and he is drawing on his personal experiences of weight loss to support his dieters. If the success we have seen so far is anything to go by, big Tom is the perfect weight loss guru. His gang had lost an average of 12lbs each at their last weigh-in.

So far, Tom has created comfort food recipes geared towards the emotional eaters in the group. He has given the gang quick and easy recipes designed to fit into their busy lifestyles. And last time it was special treats designed to appeal to the foodies in the group. But there is more work to be done and this time Tom faces his biggest food challenge yet. A couple of the lads in the group have been sneaking off for cheeky takeaways and he is worried that they might give up altogether. So Tom sets about inventing lower calorie alternatives to takeaways and ready meals.

Doner kebabs are a post-pub favourite but typically exceed 1,000 calories. Tom reckons he can transform this nutritional horror story using some simple but clever tricks. He creates a delicious burger using lean turkey mince and grated courgette. He rustles up a batch of sweet doughnuts which are baked instead of fried. And he makes chicken tikka masala which tastes every bit as good as one you would buy from a takeaway.

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