59 mins

Rick Stein's Road To Mexico

Series 1: 5. Episode 5

Rick heads to the capital - a melting pot that encapsulates a country that, despite its narrow stature, crosses three time zones. For that simple reason, locals casually refer to the city as 'Mexico', and not much has changed to the food that fed the former seat of the Aztec Empire.

Scenes captured by Diego Rivera in his murals still come alive in the city's bustling markets, and working men's taverns still offer pulque, the alcopop of the ancients. But the most precious Aztec legacy are the chinampas - floating vegetable gardens found in the criss-crossing intersections of canals to the south of the city. They are an inspiration to the city's top chefs, including Eduardo Garcia, endearingly known as chef Lalo.

Heading south from the capital, Rick travels to the city of Puebla, which conjures up images of Cortez and the Spanish conquest of Mexico. It is a city with impressive European architecture, talavera pottery and the home of mole, Mexico's most famous meat stew.

Finally, Rick travels to the deserts of Oaxaca, where mezcal, one of the country's most iconic drinks, is produced.

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