29 mins

Nadiya's British Food Adventure

Series 1: 8. Wales

Nadiya heads to Wales to discover some of the food stories that have made the country a foodie hotspot. But before she goes, she wants to show off her take on Wales's greatest contribution to baking - the Welsh cake. Nadiya's twist on the traditional are fennel-flavoured Welsh cakes served with a blueberry coulis.

Once in Wales, Nadiya is out to find out what makes Welsh lamb world-famous. She meets Richard Roderick, a third-generation sheep farmer who now farms 260 hectares in the Brecon Beacons National Park at his Newton Farm. Nadiya gets a crash course from Richard in the essential skills of a modern-day shepherdess, commanding the family sheepdog Jack to round the sheep up and move them to new grazing pasture. Out in the glorious countryside, Nadiya sets up a cooking station to make Richard a thank you meal of a fast lamb bhuna served with garlic naan.

Nadiya also heads to Monmouth to meet the UK's only home-grown edible rosewater makers, Desdemona Freeman and Denise Jones, who together make up Petals of the Valley. Often thought of as a Middle Eastern ingredient, rosewater was popular in British puddings, savoury dishes and preserves such as rose jelly, rose petal jam and rose petal vinegar, until the introduction of vanilla in the 17th century. But recently, the British love of foreign flavours and the popularity of chefs such as Ottolenghi has led to a revival of rosewater in the UK. Nadiya arrives at the end of the short six-week harvesting season to help harvest the last crops of roses. The pouring rain doesn't stop the petals from being harvested. They can't wait for a sunny day as the petals have to be picked as soon as they bloom and are at their most fragrant, as that is when they have the most rose oil. Working with the two women, Nadiya gets in the crop, which is then distilled with water in a copper still and finally bottled. While they wait for the rosewater to distil, there is time for a game of I spy. Nadiya uses this specialist ingredient in a rose and raspberry fool, served with coconut flakes and homemade crystalised petals. With the rain having gone, the three ladies are able to eat the fools outside in the glorious Welsh countryside.

Finally back in her own kitchen, Nadiya is celebrating the best of Welsh seafood with her favourite way of cooking mussels - deep-fried! Her popcorn mussels with paprika chive mayo recipe is a hit with her family.

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