59 mins

Hairy Bikers - Chicken & Egg


Si and Dave lift the lid on the origins story of one of the world's favourite fast foods - southern fried chicken. Richmond, Virginia, is home to an African American community - many of whom are direct descendants of the 19th-century agricultural slaves. Chicken was of such low status at the time that the slaves were allowed to rear their own chickens and ultimately offered them a route to freedom.

The boys go back in time to discover the origins of the now ubiquitous 24/7 American diner fare, and make their own blueberry and sausage pancakes (not in the same pancake!). They end their journey in the wild, wild West - Texas. Here they celebrate the joys of Americans' favourite part of the chicken - the wing - a cut now so associated with watching sport that 1.3 billion of them are eaten in the States on Super Bowl weekend! And not to be outdone, Dave and Si cook up their own Biker buffalo wings.