Eat Well for Less?

Series 3: 5. The Hoyland Family

This week, Chris and Gregg journey to Edinburgh to meet the Hoyland family. Dad Derek, who has coeliac disease, has not eaten the same meal as his family for nearly six years, living off salads to avoid any gluten in his diet. Mum Clair is brand obsessed, filling the trolley with frozen convenience food, diet-ready meals and litres of bottled water every week, spending over double the national average for a family of four. Their two children, Connor and Amy, long to sit down as a family and all eat the same meal, but Clair's fear of gluten-free cooking means she cooks three separate meals every day.

Can Chris and Gregg conquer Clair's gluten-free cooking phobia and finally get this family to sit down together and eat the same meal, as well as save them money?