Hairy Bikers' Bakeation

30 Minute Versions: 7. France

Many people regard France as the home of gastronomy and Lyon the culinary capital of France so that's where the journey begins as Dave and Si explore the bouchon -a restaurant traditionally run by a female chef or 'mere Lyonnaise'.

As for their own efforts, they start with a tarte aux pralines and create a saucisson-stuffed brioche. After a quick stop to learn the secrets of teeth-pulling nougat in Montelimar, they go truffle-hunting for the famous white summer truffle which they use to make truffle-infused butter and brie.

En route, they also bake an apricot tarte tatin and a delectable flan de St Jean de Minervois (like a creme caramel but made with lavender honey and desert wine). But it's not all baking on this trip. They also meet up with Dave's old flat mate French Pat, who he's not seen for 30 years, and are inducted into the Ancient Order of the Cassoulet when they reach journey's end in Carcassonne.