The Great British Bake Off

Series 5: 5. Pies and Tarts

Almost halfway through the Bake Off and the remaining bakers are facing pies and tarts. No self-respecting home baker is complete without being able to make all kinds of pastries, and today the bakers are challenged to do just that.

Starting with a signature custard tart that gives more than one of them a wobble, the bakers must make sweet custard tarts of their own invention, ranging from rhubarb and custard to chocolate and coconut to a 'tropical Manchester tart' (a tart with tropical flavours made by a Mancunian).

Paul sets the bakers mini pear pies, one of the more unusual technical challenges that the Bake Off has seen. The bewildered bakers get in a twist as they attempt to wrap poached pears in a spiral of rough puff pastry, whilst Mel investigates the ancient wedding centrepiece that was the aphrodisiac known as bride pie.

Finally, the bakers battle their biggest bake yet - three-tied pies. In just four hours they must create a towering collection of pies from any pastry or pastries they like. With 'three-little pig' pies and a 'pieful tower', Mary and Paul have their work cut out for them and Mel and Sue really will eat all the pies...

On your marks, get set... bake!