Series 9: 13. Episode 13

It is the final heat, and the last set of hopefuls pick up their knives and show off their culinary skills. Who will prove that they have what it takes to line up with the successful contestants who have already made it through?

First, they must overcome the Invention Test, and prove that in only one hour they can deliver an amazing plate of food with no planning.

No-one goes home after this, because they must next survive the extremely tricky Palate Test, which sees chef John Torode demonstrate a scallop and crab ravioli with a spiced prawn sauce. Without seeing the demo, the amateurs are given just a few minutes to taste this dish before being asked to write down exactly what it is in it, using their sense of smell, and palate. Then they are asked to recreate John's dish in just one hour - without a recipe. At the end of these two challenges, some of the hopefuls will have reached the end of their MasterChef journey.

The remaining contestants must then face their first taste of a professional kitchen, as they try to stand up to the pressure of a busy lunch service in London's Terrace Grill. Paying customers' expectations must be met and, with only one hour to get to grips with the dishes, the heat is really on.

Then, it is back to the MasterChef kitchen for the final test of the heat show - cooking their own two brilliant courses to impress John and Gregg. The contestants must draw on all their skills and influences as they prepare this food, because it is their last chance to win a place in the quarter-finals.

Only the best will survive, taking their first step towards being crowned MasterChef Champion 2013.