Great British Food Revival

Series Three: 1. Strawberries and Watercress

Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jr wants the public to revive its tastebuds and be more discerning when it comes to the British strawberry. He serves up a blind taste test with Wimbledon strawberry aficionados Sue Barker, Andrew Castle and Tim Henman, and makes history with a charity that's reviving the age-old practice of gleaning. He also visits East Malling Research Centre, where he uncovers EM 1764, the British strawberry of the future.

Saturday Kitchen's James Martin discovers that sales have halved for watercress over recent years. He takes a ride on the Mid-Hants Railway Watercress Line as he pleads the case for this once-loved British product, following its historical trail to Covent Garden where he tries his hand as a watercress street seller, and finds out why this leafy salad is so good for us - from the only man in the country with a PhD in watercress.