Two Greedy Italians

Series 2: 2. Liguria and La Bella Figura

Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo explore how Italy's social history has created a culture of admiration for superficial accoutrements in the showbiz port of Portofino. They discover that the grandeur of the Hotel Splendido leaves them feeling empty and embark on a journey to the mountaintops and back to try and rediscover the heart and soul of real Italian bella figura through food and the people who produce it.

En route they discover a 50-euro olive oil and the fascinating Cucina Bianca of Mendatica, but it is a priest working with the social outcasts who reminds them that true bella figura is not about showing off, but about giving something of yourself in order to discover your own worth. Featuring red snapper with tomatoes and anchovies, silk handkerchief pasta with fresh pesto, and a potato and cabbage bake.