Great British Food Revival

Cutdowns: 2. Glynn Purnell on Cheese

Some of the best Great British produce is under threat and this exciting series is a call to action as ten of the BBC's best-loved chefs and cooks help to bring our traditional produce back from the brink. We've got the rarest, tastiest and most culturally important ingredients right here under our noses, but they are in danger of being lost forever if we don't rally behind them.

In this episode, Michelin starred chef and Great British Menu favourite Glynn Purnell rides to the rescue of British cheese. Cheap foreign imports, misleading labelling and a lack of public knowledge of the sheer variety of British cheeses available mean Glynn has his work cut out for him. But on his journey of discovery he meets some truly passionate cheese makers, samples some great tasting cheeses and shows off his own restaurant-quality dishes that let British cheeses shine.