by Rachel Phipps

An easy pork chop recipe to cook under the grill or on the barbecue. The thyme and paprika marinade is as easy as it is delicious.

Each serving provides 230 kcal, 38.5g protein, 0.6g carbohydrate (of which 0g sugars), 8g fat (of which 2.5g saturates), 0.5g fibre and 0.8g salt.

Main course

Buyer's guide

Chops vary in size from smaller foreloin chops (or cutlets), through to the middle loin chops, both of which have the bone in. Chump chops are boneless and the biggest of the three. They all come from the loin and can be cooked in the same way as loin. They're also good braised; browning the meat first in a hot frying pan will caramelise the naturally occurring sugars on the surface of the meat and add flavour to the finished dish.


At the simplest, season, pan-fry, grill or roast your chops. Deglaze the frying pan or roasting tin with cider, wine, apple juice or balsamic vinegar for an instant gravy; add a splash of cream or crème fraîche, some mustard and a knob of butter for a richer sauce. As with all meat, leave the chops to rest for a few minutes before eating.