by Dr Rupy Aujla

A simple vegan and gluten-free dinner that’s ready in 20 minutes. Use whatever greens you have in the fridge to top this spicy, fragrant polenta.

Each serving provides 594 kcal, 12g protein, 67g carbohydrates (of which 4g sugars), 29g fat (of which 3g saturates), 7.5g fibre and 1.6g salt.

Main course

Buyer's guide

Fine polenta (the instant of quick-cook variety) is the type most widely available in the UK. Ready-to-eat polenta is also available, sold in rubbery looking blocks.


Polenta can be served hot – known as wet polenta – or left to cool and set after cooking, then cut into slices and fried or grilled. Wet polenta can be bland so tends to be mixed with richly flavoured ingredients such as butter, cheese or fried mushrooms, or served as a side dish to accompany meat dishes, stews or casseroles. Fried or grilled polenta slices are good topped with cheese and grilled. Dried ground polenta can be used in baking, is often added to pastry and is a key ingredient of cornbread.