by Antony Worrall Thompson

This remoulade recipe is the perfect way to use celeriac. It's great as a starter with charcuterie or smoked fish.

Side dishes


Although it’s available ready-made in jars, tubs and tubes the flavour doesn’t compare to homemade and once you have the knack it’s simple. It’s easier to make if you have a blender as the key is to blend the oil in drop by drop to prevent the mayonnaise from curdling, which can be an exhausting job with a hand whisk! Because eggs can contain salmonella, it is important to ensure that you use pasteurised egg in dishes in which eggs will be uncooked or only lightly cooked. Pasteurised egg can be bought or in liquid or powder form. Commercially produced mayonnaise is almost always made with pasteurised egg, but if you are unsure, check with the retailer or manufacturer.