by Paul Hollywood

This recipe has a generous amount of dried fruit in a rich dough that’s lighter and less sweet than most shop-bought lardy cakes.

Cakes and baking


The relatively high fat content of lardy cakes means they will stay moist for longer than traditional cakes. However, it's best to keep them stored in airtight containers.


Lardy cakes have a layered texture due to a multiple rolling and folding process. Yeast is used as a leavener to give the cake its risen, fluffy texture. Most recipes will instruct you to prove the dough several times before it’s rolled, filled and folded. Some recipes simply require the sugar, spices and dried fruit to be sprinkled over the dough, whereas in others the butter is beaten together with the other ingredients and spread over the dough. If using the latter method, be careful not to spread too thick a layer of filling over the dough, or much of the filling will be squeezed out when the dough is folded and rolled. Lardy cakes are usually brushed with beaten egg before baking, for a glazed exterior.