by Matt Pritchard

This vegan bean chilli contains jackfruit, a delicious fruit that mimics the texture of pulled pork. It's easy to make and perfect for feeding a crowd.

Each serving provides 231 kcal, 24.5g protein, 39g carbohydrates (of which 24.5g sugars), 2.2g fat (of which 1.5g saturates), 9g fibre and 0.3g salt.

Main course

Buyer's guide

Ripe breadfruit is ready to eat when it begins to smell slightly unpleasant and its spikes are standing clear of each other. Avoid jackfruit that are very smelly.


Peel and seed green (unripe) or ripe jackfruit. Jackfruit has very sticky juice, so oil your hands and knife before use.

Use green jackfruit in pickles or cook as a vegetable and add to curries. Whole ripe jackfruit smells of rotten onions, but once cut open, its flesh smells similar to pineapple or banana. It can be eaten raw, or cooked, try it steamed in a Thai coconut custard. Boil its chestnut-like seeds in several changes of water to remove their bitterness. Once tender, peel and candy them, or cook as needed.