by Rick Stein

Paprika and chorizo flavour this simple one-pot fish dish from Galicia in Spain. You could try it with cod or haddock instead of hake if you prefer.

Main course

Buyer's guide

Various types of hake are caught in waters around the world, specifically in the Atlantic and North Pacific. It’s available both fresh and frozen, and is sold either as a whole fish, or gutted with the head intact, or as fillets and steaks. It can occasionally also be found dried or smoked. Some varieties of hake have been greatly affected by overfishing. A lot of hake is now imported from South Africa. If sourcing sustainable fish is a concern, look for the distinctive blue MSC logo.


Fillets require little preparation as the skin is soft, but checking for bones and pin-bones is necessary. It is popular in Spain and Portugal where it’s grilled, pan-fried and baked. It takes robust flavours well, particularly tomatoes, garlic, chorizo and paprika.