Buyer's guide

Haddock is available fresh or frozen, usually as a fillet, but very occasionally as a whole, headless fish. In the spring, haddock roe are also available; they can be poached or fried.

Haddock is also one of the most popular smoked fish: it’s sold dyed and un-dyed as Finnan haddie (cold-smoked fish on the bone), and is turned into Arbroath smokies (a hot-smoked artisanal product from Arbroath in Scotland). Unlike other smoked fish, smoked haddock is not skinned before it’s smoked.


Haddock can be cooked just like cod – poached, baked, fried or grilled, and served with or without sauce. Tartare sauce is a classic accompaniment, and haddock is delicious deep-fried for homemade fish and chips. It’s also good in fish pie, fish cakes, soup or kedgeree, and is a traditional ingredient in the creamy soup, Cullen skink. Fillets can be skinned, but need pin-boning before or after cooking.