by Nadiya Hussain

A biryani is perfect for a celebration. This one is topped with a fried duck egg and decorated with coriander. If you can't find goat, use cubed leg of lamb instead.

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In some parts of Asia, such as India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, goat can be referred to as mutton. This is not to be confused with the English use of the word, meaning the meat of an adult sheep. Although it has a reputation for its strong, game-like flavour, goat meat varies in taste depending on how it was raised.


Though classified as red meat, it contains less cholesterol, fat and protein than lamb and beef, for that reason, it is best cooked low and slow. Although ribs, loin and tenderloin are suitable for quick cooking. Notable dishes that use goat meat are Indian biryani, Caribbean curry and Moroccan tagine.

Typically made with goat