by Nigella Lawson

If I'm not handing this straight round at a party or with coffee after dinner, I might keep half in my freezer, and put the other half in a box or two for Christmas presents. Make sure they stay cold, though.



Store fudge in an airtight container in the fridge for up to three days.


The ingredients for fudge need to be heated to the ‘soft ball’ stage (ie a temperature of 112-116C/234-240F). The mixture is then beaten until it cools to give the fudge a smooth, creamy consistency. If the mixture is not beaten sufficiently, it will set with large sugar crystals and the resulting fudge will be grainy.

Experiment with fudge recipes: try using brown sugar or maple syrup instead of refined white sugar – it can alter the taste dramatically. Alternatively, before the fudge sets, mix in ingredients such as nuts or dried fruit to add texture and flavour.