by Sophie Whitbread

This really easy fudge recipe makes soft, melt-in-the- mouth British-style fudge. A batch of super-creamy fudge makes a brilliant present for family and friends at birthdays and Christmas.

Use the iced water hack and you won't need a sugar thermometer.



Store fudge in an airtight container in the fridge for up to three days.


The ingredients for fudge need to be heated to the ‘soft ball’ stage (ie a temperature of 112-116C/234-240F). The mixture is then beaten until it cools to give the fudge a smooth, creamy consistency. If the mixture is not beaten sufficiently, it will set with large sugar crystals and the resulting fudge will be grainy.

Experiment with fudge recipes: try using brown sugar or maple syrup instead of refined white sugar – it can alter the taste dramatically. Alternatively, before the fudge sets, mix in ingredients such as nuts or dried fruit to add texture and flavour.