by Rick Stein

I was first introduced to tarte flambée with the explanation that it’s France's answer to pizza. In fact, it’s not much like pizza at all, apart from being very thin and savoury. As it is made with unleavened dough, it bakes very crisply indeed, which is its great quality. I know you can get tarte flambée in London, but why it isn’t as famous as pizza escapes me.

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Buyer's guide

Traditional Swiss Emmentals will have the word ‘Switzerland’ stamped in red across the edge of the rind. These, and the Emmentals produced in the Savoy region of France, which are very similar, tend to be the finest examples, and are thus the best choices for a cheeseboard. If you prefer a stronger flavour, look for the word ‘reservé’ on the label; this indicates an older cheese.


As well as being served on cheeseboards, Emmental is often grated onto gratins, or melted with white wine to make a classic Alpine fondue. Premium Emmentals are best kept for the cheeseboard; other Emmentals work well in cooked dishes.