by Manju Malhi

Chapatis can be reheated but they're best cooked fresh. You could also spread your favourite pickle or chutney over them and roll them into tortilla shapes.

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Buyer's guide

Chapati flour is available in large supermarkets or Indian grocers. In India, people usually take whole wheat berries to their local mill to get their chapati flour freshly ground. It is also produced at home in electric domestic mills. In some Indian grocers in the UK, it is possible to buy chapati flour milled on the premises while you wait. If you can’t find it, use a mixture of wholemeal and white flour.


Store in an airtight container to keep any insects away.


This flour is used for making chapatis, the everyday griddled flatbreads of India, Pakistan and South Asia. Plain white flour produces somewhat leathery chapatis, and wholemeal flour makes them too gritty, so chapati flour gives the ideal texture.