Our easy sponge cake recipe is foolproof. With only five ingredients this basic cake recipe just needs your favourite icing and you're sorted. It's a small sponge cake, made in an 18cm or 7in cake tin.

If you are looking for a larger recipe for a different tin size, or with some additional icing, try our sponge cake calculator for the perfect fit to your equipment or style.

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Unrefined golden caster sugar with some molasses left in is also available. This gives baked dishes a more intense flavour and a darker result.


Keep caster sugar in a cool, dry cupboard away from heat or moisture.


Ideal for meringues, caster sugar is used in baking, desserts, drinks and cocktails. It adds more volume to baked goods, and gives them a lighter texture. If you do not have caster sugar to hand, grind granulated sugar in a food processor for a couple of minutes.