by Raymond Blanc

Raymond Blanc offers two alternative baked camembert recipes – one spiked with chilli, garlic and rosemary and the other topped with a secret ingredient… Lush with homemade flatbread.

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Buyer's guide

The very best camembert, made in the traditional way, will be labelled Camembert de Normandie appellation d’origine contrôlée au lait cru, which means it has been made from unpasteurised milk in a particular region of northern France. Good camembert is also made in south-west England.

Camembert becomes increasingly soft as it matures, and should be springy to the touch when ripe. It’s available year-round, but AOC Camembert is considered to be at its best from March to October.


Unripe camembert should not be refrigerated, as this will disrupt the maturing process: keep it in a cool place for a few days before consuming.