Can you tell which burger contains meat?

Can you spot the difference between these two mouth-wateringly succulent pulled burgers with coleslaw? One has a sneaky secret... it doesn’t contain any meat.

Veggie and vegan alternatives on the supermarkets shelves have begun looking suspiciously meat-like lately, and we’ve created a pulled burger we think is pretty spot on. Unless you’re some kind of pork connoisseur or you’re zooming in reaaalllly close, it’s tricky to guess which is which.

We wonder if you’ve got it right. Watch the videos to find out if you beat the burger!

Burger one

Burger two

How do they stack up taste-wise?

Did you guess right? Now you know which is which, how do they compare when eaten?

Pork and jackfruit have a similar chewy consistency, with just enough bite to keep you going back for more.

Jackfruit is a fruit that’s all but taking over the world. It has a slightly tangy taste which, when paired with toppings such as coleslaw, lime and coriander, becomes part of the delectable burger package.

Vegan mayo is sold in supermarkets. To let you in on a secret, whether you make it or buy it, it tastes great, especially with lime, seasoning and herbs. So vegan coleslaw is on the menu.

Pork is, of course, meat. It’s packed with protein and fat, which jackfruit doesn’t contain much of. So while jackfruit is a great substitute for taste and texture, you’ll need to include other protein sources in your diet if you’re swapping like-for-like.

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