Genius hacks to kit out your student kitchen

Cooking might not be the first thing on your mind when you arrive at uni, but with a teeny tiny bit of forward thinking you’ll have even more time for ‘activities’. No student wants to be washing pans, tending burns and cuts or spending hours preparing dinner when there’s so much merriment to be had elsewhere 🎉!

Choose fun and food over slaving and scrubbing, with Rachel Ama’s, Rob Eades’ and Emerald Lewis’ cracking kitchen kit must-haves. It all sounds so simple once you’re in the know...

What 3 bits of kitchen kit should you never be without? Watch our 1 minute video.

The ESSENTIAL list for student kitchens

  1. Sharp knife for all your chopping needs.
  1. Chopping board – maybe even two if you’re feeling meat health-and-safety conscious.

  2. Non-stick saucepan and frying pan with lids – you won’t regret it!

  3. Wooden spoons need no reasons.

  4. Peeler – not just for peeling! Makes light work of preparing carrots and courgettes for stir-fries and ribbons.

  5. Kitchen tongs – look cool and avoid burns while stir-frying and plating up. Winning.

  6. Spatula for flipping and turning as well as portioning up oven dishes such as lasagne and pie.

  7. Microwaveable mug to make cakes, breakfast eggs, even lasagne in minutes!

  8. Glass for drinking or cutting cookies without special kit.

  9. Plastic containers for packed lunches and meal prep.

  10. A tin opener allows you to buy the cheaper cans without the ring pulls. Your future self will thank you.

  11. Colander or sieve to drain pasta, potatoes, rice and more without risk of burning yourself by using the lid.

  12. Baking trays are essential for roasts, bakes and less washing up! Choose a variety of depths if you’ve got the space and money.

  13. Oven gloves keep your lovely hands safe.

  14. A cheese grater is also good for prepping veg for slaws, soups and sauces and makes light work of garlic and ginger.

  15. A mixing bowl will be your new best friend! Make cakes, beat eggs, soak pulses, marinade food, the list is endless...

  16. Tin foil stands in for a lid if you lose it and covers plates of leftovers.

  17. Weighing scales will help you minimise food waste and bake better… or at all.