Roast calculator

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Is it your turn to cook the Christmas roast this year? Whether you’re planning turkey, goose, duck, chicken, beef, pork or lamb, find out the ideal meat cooking times and temperatures with our easy-to-use calculator.

Simply select your meat and cut from the menu and type in the weight in kg (if it's a bird tell us the stuffed weight). If you're cooking beef or lamb, tell us if you want it well done, medium or rare. Then click Calculate to find out the browning and cooking times and temperatures and the resting time. Tap Checking for doneness to find out what the internal temperature of the meat should be when it's ready.


Defrost your meat in the fridge or in a cool room below 10–15C rather than at room temperature, so that the outside remains cold. It is particularly important to ensure that poultry is fully defrosted before cooking. Defrost turkey in a cool room for 3–4 hours per kilogram or in a fridge at 4C for 10–12 hours per kilogram.

Resting meat

Once your meat is cooked, rest it in a warm place covered with tented foil for the time specified in the calculator. During this time it will become more juicy and easier to carve.

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