The easiest ways to make your diet healthier

Whether you’re a dedicated home cook or you regularly resort to ready meals and junk food, you’ll find simple hacks and food swaps here to make your diet healthier and cheaper and your cooking much easier.

Watch Rob Eades make meal prep easy, healthy and delicious in this short video.
  1. Double up on ingredients when you cook, then take the leftovers to work or uni so you can ditch fast-food lunches.
  2. Swap white bread and pasta for wholegrains – they’ll keep you fuller for longer, slashing your need to snack.
  3. Don’t skip breakfast. If this sounds familiar, prep something the night before so you can eat on the go.
  4. Cook simple meals from scratch in the microwave, so there’s no need to rely on ready meals.
  5. Stock up on seasonings. Herbs and spices are a cheap way to add flavour to meals without resorting to more fat.
  6. Use a non-stick pan – you’ll need less oil for cooking and it’ll be easier to wash up.
  7. Add a splash of water rather than more oil to stir-fries once the veggies have cooked a little.
  8. Make your own pasta sauces – they’ll contain less salt and sugar than shop-bought.
  9. Keep fruit and nuts to hand so you can avoid impluse-buying snacks and 'hanger'.
  10. If you eat too much saturated fat, swap yoghurt and crème fraîche for low-fat, no-added-sugar versions. Use a mature cheese too – you’ll need to add less to your dish to get the same flavour.
  11. Carry a bottle of water with you. It’s easy to mistake thirst for hunger, so stay hydrated.
Watch this 1-minute video for Rob Eades’ 3 tips to make your diet healthier.